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"Bride"- Watercolor on Ilustration Board. December 2017

Other Projects

Last updated January 2022

A collection of various projects that aren't realized productions-- including paper productions, completed single designs, and technical studies.

Guys and Dolls Ensemble Track

Full Ensemble Track with Matching Paperwork for Teaching | Jan 2022

Historically Accurate Disney Princesses

Redesigns of the Disney Princess and Frozen franchises | October 2020

House of Salt and Sorrows

 unrealized designs based on novel by Erin A. Craig | February 2020

When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet

 unrealized designs based on play by Charles George | January 2020

Inspiration Board

Inspiration Board

The Revolutionists

 unrealized designs based on play by Lauren Gunderson | December 2019

Revolutionists Scene/ Color Breakdown

Scene and Color Breakdown